Posters displayed

Posters will be displayed in exhibition area. Free to be visited during the Congress, no specific time of presentation.(The list may take a few seconds to be displayed on the page)
Click on a title to read its abstract!

You have a Poster?
Posters will have to be printed and displayed on the poster boards during the whole congress (from 26 September 15:00 > 29 September 12:00) - Poster format: Portrait 0,90 m X 1,20 m Maxi. This ESSFN edition will try to introduce the Electronic poster (Portrait format PPT, same as your Poster paper). More over the poster displayed, some screens will be available to visit the posters in an electronic format. This does not exempt the Paper poster for this year. Please bring it at the ESSFN on a USB stick and give it to the speakers’ Room.

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