Thursday 9 September / 12:30 - 13:30

Reveal the Next Generation of Directionality

Chairmen : Ludvic Zrinzo (UK) , Stephan Chabardes (France)
- Novel Directional Systems: Learnings and Future Perspectives from 6 years of Directionality Experience - Cordula Matthies (Germany)
- Role of Imaging within an integrated workflow: from Planning to Programming and Novel Directional System
- 1st experience – Jens Volkmann (Germany)

ELEKTA  Salle 120 
Transforming the clinical workflow with powerful simplicity
- Welcome
- The use of Leksell® Vantage™ Stereotactic System in Deep Brain Stimulation surgery, Rick Schuurman (The  Netherlands)
- Gamma Knife Radiosurgery using Leksell® Vantage™ Stereotactic System - Marseille first experience, Jean Régis (France)

Transforming the way the world treats patients with brain disorders

- Brain sensing in clinical practice, Stephan Chabardes (France)
- Advances in adaptive deep brain stimulation, SJ. Little (USA)
- Clinical experience with Visualase for tumor and epilepsy, Michel Lefranc (France)

Friday 10 September / 12:30 - 13:30

ABBOTT   Espace VP 
Is Deep Brain Stimulation sufficiently accessible to MD patients?
Chairman: Sylvain Lacomble (Belgium)
- How to improve training in the management of DBS patients ? Patrick Blomstedt (Sweden)
- Therapy awareness and patient education, Alexandra Boogers (Belgium)
- Expanding access to care for MD patients, Daniel Weiss (Germany)
- Panel discussion, Daniel Weiss (Germany), Pieter Kubben (The Netherlands) and Binith Cheeran (USA)

INSIGHTEC  Salle 120 
MR guided Focused Ultrasound, State of the Art
Chairmen: Jean Regis (France), Jorge Guridi (Spain)
Andres Lozano (Canada), Ann-Kristin Helmers (Germany)

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